mogwai is an object graph mapper (OGM) designed for Titan Graph Database.

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NOTE: TinkerPop3 Support

ZEROFAIL has graciously adopted mogwai to grow into a full fledged goblin for TinkerPop3! See more here:


  • Straightforward syntax
  • Query Support
  • Vertex and Edge Support
  • Uses RexPro Connection Pooling
  • Gevent and Eventlet socket support via RexPro
  • Supports Relationship quick-modeling
  • Supports custom gremlin scripts and methods
  • Doesn’t restrict the developer from using direct methods.
  • Save Strategies
  • Property Validation
  • Optionally can utilize factory_boy to generate models.
  • Interactive shell available
  • Performance monitoring tools available.
  • Serialization support for Pickle
  • Support for un-modeled properties with dictionary-like access
  • Support for imports via groovy and the groovy Script Engine. (See Example)
  • Tested with Python 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4



$ pip install mogwai


$ git clone git://
$ python install

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