Changes to the library are recorded here.


  • Support concurrent connections via gevent and eventlet through rexpro support in the 0.2.0 release
  • All Properties support None when not required. Be aware when developing, especially around the Boolean property, since, when not required, it can actually be in 3 states (True, False and None) or (true, false and null in groovy)


  • Fixed and improved find_by_value for both Edge and Vertex


  • Fixed Circular Import
  • Fixed DateTime UTC bug
  • Wercker Integration
  • Documentation updates


  • Bug Fixes
  • Documentation updates


  • Utilize new rexpro.RexProConnectionPool
  • Includes new rexpro green-thread friendly gevent.socket RexProSockets


  • install_requires hot fix


  • Public CI preview


  • Documentation Updates


  • Minor bug fixes


Serializable models via pickle.

import pickle

vertex = MyTestVertex.create(name='test')
serialized_vertex = pickle.dumps(vertex)
deserialized_vertex = pickle.loads(serialized_vertex)
assert vertex == deserialized_vertex


Re-Release of Mogwai to the public. Name change to Mogwai, which loosely means “gremlin”. This is a major refactor of the original thunderdome library by Blake.

  • Using RexPro, updated library to utilize RexPro and compatible with Titan 0.4.2

  • Refactored library, changed the way properties are handled, validated and their associated save strategies.

  • Removed vid and eid as primary keys, titan generates unique primary keys that we can utilize. Now accessible via Element._id or (the latter is a property shortcut to Element._id)

  • Added groovy tests, updated gremlin base method for new _type_name

  • Added interactive shell with some slight magic:

        python -m --host localhost
    For more help see:
        python -m --help
    Also HELP is available in the shell
  • Preview of index specification system, initial commit

  • Relationship system, includes generic query method, create relationship method and strict relationship checker

  • Fixed groovy files to only use local variables in core structure, will prevent Concurrent Global variable scope locks

  • Special Enum Vertex metaclass now available. ie. MyVertex.MY_ENUM will be able to resolve to an actual database entry

  • Performance monitoring tools now available - Customizable for different metric reporting mechanisms, ie, console, logs, graphite, newrelic.

  • Apache 2.0 License