mogwai is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Issues should be opened through Bitbucket Issues; whenever possible, a pull request should be included.

Pull Requests

General Rules:
  • All Tests must pass
  • Coverage shouldn’t decrease
  • All Pull Requests should be rebased against master before submitting the PR.

All pull requests should pass the test suite, which can be launched simply with:

$ make test


Running test requires nosetests, coverage, six, pyformance, rexpro and factory_boy. As well an available titan server.

In order to test coverage, please use:

$ pip install coverage
$ coverage erase; make coverage

Test Server

mogwai was designed for Titan, other graph databases that utilize Blueprints may be compatible, but further testing would be needed.

Currently Titan 0.4.2 is known to work and can be downloaded: Titan.