We’ll keep a running list of ideas for future enhancements. Please note this is likely incomplete and not always up-to-date with the issue tracker. Also these are in no-particular order.

  • Titan 0.5.x + support –> TinkerPop3 and Gremlin3 Support
    • Websocket support for streaming results (generators)
    • Build in pluggable gevent/eventlet support for streaming results – mogwai operations should be asynchronous
  • Improved Index/Constraint Specification System
    • Create Faunus or runnable job against the database to enforce a specification
  • Support Migrations - The `South` project lends inspiration here.

  • Add Relationship attribute magic
    • Schema enforcement for Faunus
    • Creation/Traversal enforcement
  • Integrate additional common metric collectors

  • Python 3 compatibility
    • Currently not possible with gevent and pyparsing
  • Filter lazy-evaluated gremlin query.
    • Perhaps: MyVertexModel.query().filter(someval__lte=2)
  • Database Export/Import functionality

  • Enum MetaClass optional memcache/etc support.

  • Gremlin Query builder * Optional groovy script generator based on query.

  • Groovy script inspections tool for optimization hints, common algorithms, possible syntax errors.